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Work, Life and Play : The Virtuous Resources Experience!

True fulfillment in work arises when you not only excel in your tasks but also savour the journey, for a harmonious and enjoyable environment at work is the canvas upon which your career masterpiece is painted.

In our daily lives, work is not the sole occupant of our time. We often find joy in small achievements and fleeting moments of happiness, which serve as a wellspring of energy during the workweek. Above all, we hold the mental well-being of our 'aspiring business moguls,' whom we fondly refer to as 'The Team,' in the highest regard. In light of these priorities, Virtuous comrades strike a balance between work and play. Fun sessions and gatherings, complemented by virtual meetings, infuse employees with renewed vigor, alleviating the weekly pressures they've navigated.

Life at Virtuous

The Big Reveal : Thank God! It’s the Weekend

Promote relaxation and well-being after a demanding workweek, we initiated a program that kicked off with an exhilarating trailer, setting the stage for the event. This was followed by an inspiring address from our leader, Mr. Puneet Chaudhary.

The Big Reveal

The Corporate Trivia Challenge

The event featured an engaging virtual challenge where participants eagerly competed to decipher company logos and identify associated brands. The element of suspense heightened the excitement, rendering the session even more captivating. Ultimately, the participant with the highest number of correct answers emerged as the victor. The competition culminated in a tie between Mr. Puneet Chaudhary and Mr. Shwetank Sharma.

The Corporate Trivia Challenge

Sun Baba Sun Geet ki Dhun

Amidst the virtual extravaganza of  'Sun Baba Sun Geet Ki Dhun' contest, participants eagerly identified songs solely by their tunes, creating an air of suspense and excitement. Each note was a clue, and the thrill of guessing the next song heightened the joy. The event resonated with music enthusiasts, making it a memorable occasion for all.

Sun Baba Sun Geet Ki Dhun