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Our Approach
Our Clients - the growth champions looking for talent

  • Whoever you are, whatever your business is, wherever it is in its life cycle, whatever the situation is, we immerse with you and share your focus.
  • Whether you are a family owned business, PE/VC backed growth businesses or world-leading MNCs, our clients are dynamic and growing organizations.
  • We make it our mission to help you shape sustainable business performance through inspiring leadership.

Growth Champions

1 Family Businesses

Values and inculcating culture

The backbone of growth markets, family-owned businesses represent some of the most-respected and bestperforming organizations. From small local businesses, many grow to international scale and scope. Yet despite these intrinsic strengths, unique dynamics and conflict can arise when major decisions are required. Succession, profit sharing, expansion strategies, board or leadership appointments can become sources of discord. It takes a special skill to help family-run businesses navigate change and leverage their inherent, vibrant qualities.

Virtuous Resources has advised family businesses since our inception and today they are an important part of our client portfolio. We have deep experience providing guidance around leadership, transition and governance, creating, advising and evaluating boards. We share your mind-set and offer sensitive, in-depth professional guidance, with an objective eye.

We support family businesses in identifying and placing leaders who share the owners’ motivations and values. Our expertise and insight cuts across global markets scale of organizations, business models, and growth stages. We deliver with our shared values and ability to understand cultures.

2 Public Sector & Govt Backed Entities

Flexibility yet determination to succeed

With our exceptional network and strong local connections, we bring talent solutions that help regulatory bodies, state-owned and govt backed organizations to strengthen and enhance their performance. We understand the specific set of competencies for senior roles in the public sector arena and the demand for flexibility and determined leaders who can deliver on wide ranging projects and implement larger strategies in complex and ambiguous environments.

3 PE / VC backed Companies

leaders who build & scale businesses

Matching ability with opportunity with calculations and creativity - are what differentiate us while serving alternative investment firms and their investees. In an increasingly competitive market, private equity firms need talented individuals to help their portfolios grow and investees flourish. By investing in top leadership teams, PE and VC funds add value to their portfolios and stakeholders. For those investing in early stage and growth businesses, attracting exceptional leaders with track records in shaping highly scalable businesses is critical to their long-term success.

We assist PE & VC funds attract the best general partners for their own firms, as well as identifying CXOs for their portfolio companies.

4 Listed Business

Inspiring growth with governance

Companies need leaders who have resilience and vision to pursue growth with governance required to run a publicly listed firm. Leadership must be able to balance the complexities arising out of shareholder vs. stakeholder expectations, ESG vss profit, short-term vss long-term, health vs wealth, sustainability vss scale, etc. The best CEOs and their teams champion this fine balance with skill. Finding leaders who can inspire growth with governance is what we are adept at.

5 Start-Up / Scale-Up Businesses

Hunger and hustle with skills for hyper growth

To promote and build a unicorn takes hunger, hustle and courage. For early-stage businesses in hyper growth, recruiting the right leaders to scale quickly is crucial while maintaining growth numbers. Scale-up CXOs need a thick skin, sixth sense, risk taking ability and hunger – they often deal with high-quality business-growth pace whilst managing expanding teams, working closely with investors and anticipating the future. Leadership roles in early-stage businesses are both exciting and challenging in equal measure and require highly talented yet balanced individuals who inspire stakeholders for growth.

Our Candidates

Virtuous Resources accepts retained executive search mandates as your trusted partner: acting as advisor to our clients, while as mentor / coach to our candidates. Our candidates often give us feedback about the way they feel rightly guided and highly valued by our consultants and associates. Secret sauce of our candidate service with our regular touch, detailed information and transparency as well as the honest and constructive feedback in their journey with us at each milestone.

Our candidates feel secure and safe with our consistent delivery backed by confidentiality and integrity. We strive to offer a safe and confidential service with professional experience for every candidate, on every assignment.

Industry Specializations

Specialized experts to position you for future growth Our global industry practices bring sector-specific knowledge, experience, and relationships to every client we work with. Learn more about our industry coverage.

  • Automotive & Engineering 
    Following the quest for energy-efficiency, the automotive sector is facing a new phase of innovation.
  • Banking & Financial Services 
    Banking & Financial Services is one of the most matured industries in India over the last few decades.
  • Consumer & Retail
    The Consumer & Retail sector faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities. In emerging markets like India, rising disposable incomes continue to drive up demand.
  • Education & Institutions 
    Education is a fairly new industry for the Indian market – especially in finding relevant leaders.
  • Industrial & Manufacturing 
    While Industry 4.0 remains the biggest challenge and opportunity on the horizon, most industrial firms are busy re-thinking their product development.
  • Infrastructure & Energy 
    The Infrastructure & Energy industry faces deep market development and structural transformations.
  • Lifesciences & Healthcare 
    Lifesciences companies are undergoing a paradigm shift to address transformation in the healthcare landscape.
  • Metals, Mining & Minerals 
    Global mining companies face a combination of spiraling energy and raw material costs, falling profits and volatile commodity prices.
  • Professional Services
    Human capital is the enduring success factor in professional services. We work with our clients to build solid and integrated leadership.
  • Telecom, Media & Entertainment
    The digital transformation has already led to profound change in industries and business models and that change is set to continue.

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